Sound Wave Jewelry - the Perfect Gift Idea

Sound wave by Fiore Jewellery

Are you looking for an original and meaningful gift that will show how much you care? 
Is your anniversary coming up? 
Or another big milestone?

If you hate boring gifts, you’re in the right place. 
Sound wave jewelry makes the perfect personal gift that is both thoughtful and surprising.

It doesn't get more personal that this 

The sound wave necklace or bracelet features the wave pattern generated by a particular voice or sound. This gives you the opportunity to create a truly personal and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that she’ll never forget. 

Imagine having a sound wave of you saying a special message to the one you love turned into a beautiful timeless piece of jewelry. 

Maybe you already know what you want to say, but what if you’re stuck for ideas? 
Here’s some inspiration for you:

·  “I love you”
·  “Happy Anniversary”
·  your wedding vows
·  your kids saying: ‘we love you mom!’
·  a song lyric
·  a quote from a poem
·  your baby’s heartbeat
·  your new baby’s laugh
·  a dog’s bark, a cat’s meow,..

 'Nothing is more personal than the sound of your own voice' - Tweet this! 

How it works

When you send me the audio file of yourself or someone else's voice, I'll use a recording software to visualize the sound clip in waveform. I then carefully forge by hand the charm to mimic the curves of the sound wave and turn it into beautiful necklace or bracelet ready for you to gift!

It can be hard to find a truly original and meaningful gift for your loved one. But sound wave jewelry makes a unique, timeless and thoughtful gift the she’ll never forget.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know about Handmade Jewelry


 Dachshund necklaceYou love original designs and want to feel inspired. 
You value quality and authenticity over factory-made.

When you buy handcrafted jewelry you connect with an artisan’s original work into which they’ve poured their heart and soul.
But what else makes your handmade jewelry piece much more valuable than mass-produced pieces?

What makes your handmade jewelry so special?

1. A Story Behind Each Piece
When you wear handmade jewelry, you’re part of the story the maker or artisan is telling through their work. 

2. Always One-of-a-Kind
Every creation will always be slightly different or custom. It’s something just for you, every single time.

3. Connection with a Real Person
When you buy handmade jewelry, you’re connecting with and supporting the actual designer and maker.

 'When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance' - Tweet this! 

4. You Can Join in the Creative Process
When you request a customization or personalization on a piece you become part of the creative process.

5. A Perfect Thoughtful Gift
A handmade creation will always make a more meaningful and thoughtful gift.

6. Quality
When each piece is individually handcrafted, more attention is given to its quality and durability 

7. Sustainability
Handmade jewelry is often made in an ethically responsible and eco-friendly way.

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